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Why Welcoming Feedback Could Benefit your Company

More often than not a company that believes it is the best within its industry or believes that it cannot currently improve will become stale and will soon collapse from within. A company, just like a person, can always improve and should continue to move forward at a steady rate; one reason as to why a company may fail to progress is due to the fact that th... Read On

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Digital Design Software for the Creative

There are so many different applications and types of software that will allow you to edit images that you have created or create images anew; but which of these applications and software is best for a creative individual? With so many applications to choose from and the fact that each of these applications has their advantages and disadvantages we’ve d... Read On

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The Advancement of 3D Printing Technology

In recent months many different companies have made significant advancements within 3D technology that could alter the world that we live in significantly. These changes vary from company to company; some have developed crude means of using 3D printing to build large structures whilst others are using them for medical purposes or as a replacement for the hol... Read On

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Tips on Creating a Magazine

Magazines and newspapers are some of the best methods of spreading and sharing information; although they are not always the best way of sharing news. Due to the fact that there are so many different newspapers and magazines available already you have to ensure that your magazine stands out above all others as you create it. To do this you must take into ... Read On

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Things you Didn’t Know About Printing

When we think about printing the majority of us will think about the amount fo ink we have used, the amount of paper that we must purchase in order to create the files that we want and even how we will recycle the paper or ink that we have wasted; however there are many things that we do not think about due to the fact that we simply do not know these facts.... Read On

Memjet Set to Launch Aspen

MemejetOne of the largest global organisations within the digital colour printing industry has announced that they are to launch a new inkjet print engine names Aspen. The aspen is believed... Read On

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5 Tips on Reducing your Company’s Printing Cost

As a small business it’s important that you cut back on costs where you can without affecting the popularity or success of your company and without putting any employees or members of staff at risk. One of the best ways for you to cut back on the amount that you spend within your company is to cut back on your printing costs; there are a number of ways in ... Read On

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Making the Most of Leaflets and Posters

Utilising promotional materials is an excellent way to communicate, educate or influence your clients, customers and target audience. The best promotional materials that you can use are leaflets and posters as they can be applied to a wide range of people and can be used in many different ways; however, how do you know if your method of utilising leaflets an... Read On

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3D Printing turned Playful

  On the morning of February 17th 2014 The Guardian revealed that a large company dedicated to making toys for children had just partnered with a 3D printing company in order to create an altogether different experience for the children of the modern day. The company that has partnered with 3D Systems in order to create a new type... Read On

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10 items that can be 3D Printed- Part Two

Last month we brought to you the first five of our list of 10 items that can be made using 3D printers as the first part of our answer to “3D printing – what can it make?”. This month we bring to you the remaining 5 of the 10 items on our list to both inspire you and satisfy a small part of your curiosity regarding the printing world and technology. ... Read On

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10 Items that can be 3D Printed – Part One

As the weeks progress, so does technology and this leads to more and more questions being asked; one of these questions we have been hearing repeatedly, and so we have decided to bring an answer to our audience. “3D printing and – What can it make?” The answer is that we are not yet certain of the potential of 3D printing and the majority of the sto... Read On

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What Can A Print Management Company Do for You and Your Business?

When you work alongside a print management company the possibilities are endless; there are so many ways in which you can utilise their services in order to achieve your goals and reach more people. Although we understand that you may not take our word for it, so here’s a number of ways in which a print management company can help you and your busi... Read On

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The Influence of Visual Stimuli

Each and every day we view between 3,000 and 20,000 images that are promoting a company; so how do you plan on making your image stand apart from the thousands of others? To make your image stand out above all others you first need to understand the importance of visual stimuli and how they can influence us as a society and as individuals.   Wh... Read On

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How to Improve your Marketing Strategy

Every good business, no matter what it is that they are trying to sell or who they are aiming their product at, will have a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy can be incredibly simple or extremely complex, but every company will have one. However, how do you know if your marketing strategy is a good one? Here are some ways in which you can improve yo... Read On

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Our Favourite Five Digital Design Apps of 2013

Digital design is undoubtedly a difficult job there is a lot of creativity involved and a lot of pressure too.  With so much required of the designer and so much stress placed upon the individual to create a design that is both effective and impressive, is it any wonder that we are now incorporating the latest technology into the way that we develop these d... Read On

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The Benefits of Professional Print Companies

Whether you’re running a small company or are trying to manage your career as well as your home life; we all believe that we can take on that one extra task. However, the majority of us underestimate the scale of the job that we have undertaken when we decided that we are going to attempt to professionally print our own promotional materials. Here are some... Read On

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How the Modern Era has Changed Advertising

Technology is more popular than ever and as a result it has begun to affect everything that we do or create – even down to the way that we advertise. Technology is as much a gift as it is also a curse; it has become expected of us to use technology in order to captivate the masses and reach them in ways that simple pen and paper can’t. Here are some of t... Read On

Using Promotional Material Appropriately

Promotional material is a great way to advertise your company in a subtle and cost effective way. Promotional materials can range from T-shirts and pens with your company logo or brand name on them to leaflets, posters and commercials. With so many different materials at your disposal it can be difficult deciding which method is right for you and for your co... Read On

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Brand New Services from Print & Digital

We have released a brand new set of services on the website, which now encompasses our full feature list.  On top of our standard list of magazine, newspaper and leaflet printing, our full range of services now extends to contact printing, folded leaflet printing, print consultant and more. Below is the complete list of services now offered by Print &... Read On

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Establishing a Brand Identity – The Importance of Graphics

Obtaining a good reputation is difficult for any small business especially when there are very few people that recognise your brand or company name. One of the best ways in which you can improve your brand identity is through the appropriate use of graphics and other visual aids such as logos, advertisements and layouts that are planned effectively.  ... Read On

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Company Logo – Design Tips

Your logo can tell others a great deal about your company, it can also tell them very little depending upon the design that you choose. First impressions are everything; and a logo is the best way to give this first impression. As your logo may be the part of your company that is best remembered, it should be relevant and appropriate for your company but it ... Read On

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Why should you use a Print Management Company?

Print management or Printing Consultants also referred to as Print Brokers or Print Farmers. The former is how 'we' in the industry refer to ourselves the latter is a term used by some printing companies who don't see the benefits. What is Print Management? Print Management is where a company outsources it's business's printing requirements t... Read On

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Designing an Effective Leaflet

The Basics There are a number of different tutorials and advice for creating a leaflet or flyer, each of them explaining how to design a leaflet what software to use and even what should or shouldn't be included. However, the majority of these tutorials and guides forget that it isn’t as simple as just the layout, the leaflet or flyer has ... Read On

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