Things you Didn’t Know About Printing

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When we think about printing the majority of us will think about the amount fo ink we have used, the amount of paper that we must purchase in order to create the files that we want and even how we will recycle the paper or ink that we have wasted; however there are many things that we do not think about due to the fact that we simply do not know these facts.

For those of you who think you’ve heard it all; here are 5 facts about printing that you’re unlikely to already know.


Creating paper

The majority of us will understand that wasted paper is also wasted money; but how many of you know the extent of this cost?

A single ton of paper is approximately the same as 400 reams of paper which is in turn equal to 200,000 sheets of paper; one tree can only produce around 8,300 sheets of paper which means that it would take almost 25 average trees to create a ton of paper.


Paper waste

The average cost of a wasted piece of paper is approximately $0.06; this may not appear as very much but when you take into account the fact that the average employee alone wastes 6 printed pages a day this equals 1,041 pieces of wasted paper a year.

With each individual working in an office or in a location where they print items wasting this much paper and money per year, it’s understandable that large companies can lose money very quickly if they do not discipline their employees and endeavour to use less paper by printing less files.


Office use

It’s estimated that the average office worker will print approximately 10,000 items per year and that 75% of the items that are printed are taken straight from the internet without being supplemented or edited in any way.


Home use

It’s believed that around 90% of people that print from home do so straight form the internet and that of those people 56% of the ones aged between 45-54 print this information so that they can add it to their archives or so that they can place it somewhere where they will remember the information or be able to access it easily in the future.

However, of the same people that print from the internet at home only 33% of those aged between 18=34 also print documents in order to remember information or to add it to their archives.


There are many other facts regarding printing but we felt that these are some of the facts that you are less likely to know. For more information on printing, print designs or print management you can get in touch with us at Print and Digital Associates. We would be happy to help you in any way that we can.