10 items that can be 3D Printed- Part Two

3d printing

Last month we brought to you the first five of our list of 10 items that can be made using 3D printers as the first part of our answer to “3D printing – what can it make?”. This month we bring to you the remaining 5 of the 10 items on our list to both inspire you and satisfy a small part of your curiosity regarding the printing world and technology.

So here are the remainder of the 10 interesting items from Print and Digital Associates that can be made using a 3D printer.

6. Skin & Bones

Although much research is still being done on this topic to further our progress, the University of Texas in El Paso has already begun to utilise technology in order to draw cells onto patients through advanced 3D bio printers, which they hope will be used to produce organs and entire skin grafts one day.

This isn’t quite the same as printing layers of tissue or skin, but it’s a step in the right direction and the beginning of something amazing.

7. Crime Scenes

The popularity of using 3D printers to replicate a crime scene has recently seen a boost in popularity and has been used in a court room in New Mexico; there’s also a police station in Roswell that claims to have purchase a 3D printer to recreate crime scenes alongside regular photographs of the scene.

Although these scenes that are printed using 3D will be scaled down so that they may be used within the court room.

8. Concept Cars

Concept cars are being created by Honda through the use of 3D printers; although you cannot drive these cars (yet). Honda have even created 5 models for fans to download and create themselves, although it appears that Honda have provided these as an example of their archives and a show of how innovative they can be. On the other hand 3D printing is sure to make its way into factories all across the globe before long, including the automotive industry.

9. Vinyl Records

Not many companies have picked up on this interesting trend, although Bloc Part’s Kele Okereke agreed to be included in a project during December that saw the release of a new song on a 3D printed vinyl record. The project was set up in order to raise money for a local charity in London; unlike traditional vinyl records the 3D printed records have much wider and deeper grooves.

10. Cleats

Many of you may not have heard of cleats; a cleat is the outside of the sole of the show (the section that provides friction so that we do not lose our grip whilst walking). These cleats are being created using 3D printing technology to create a number of new styles of trainer for the Super Bowl. Most of the designs will be based upon the Vapor Laser Talon that was revealed approximately a year ago.

There are many other items and objects that can be created using 3D technology; although these are the 5 of the 10 items that we believe to be the most interesting of the inventions. For more information on print technology and management you can contact us at Print and Digital Associates; we’d be more than happy to help you in any way that we can.