Our Favourite Five Digital Design Apps of 2013

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Digital design is undoubtedly a difficult job there is a lot of creativity involved and a lot of pressure too.  With so much required of the designer and so much stress placed upon the individual to create a design that is both effective and impressive, is it any wonder that we are now incorporating the latest technology into the way that we develop these designs? Phone applications for Android, the iPhone and other systems have been developed to aid in the creation of digital designs. Selecting an application that is right for you can on occasion be as difficult as designing the media; because of this we’ve brought to you our five favourite digital design applications of 2013.


#1 – Brainstorming: iBlueSky

One of our top five design applications of 2013 is iBlueSky. The iBlueSky application should be used at the very beginning of the design process as it is an application that allows you to brainstorm whilst using any apple device.


iBlueSky is an application that allows you to place all of your ideas in the form of a brainstorm so that you can eventually come to a decision on what your logo or graphics are going to include and how you will go about cresting them. This application only works on apple devices and does not allow you to draw or design anything – it only has the features for planning your design.


#2 – Inspiration: Layers

The second step in the digital design process is to obtain inspiration so that you can create the most effective and breath-taking digital designs. There are many forms of achieving this inspiration; some of these methods include looking at pictures, daydreaming and doodling.


Layers allows you to doodle by shading or ‘painting’ pictures through the application. The Layers application was designed through the feedback that artists provided whilst they were using the application.


#3 – Colour Selection: Palette 4.0

Step three of the digital design process is to select the colours that you will be using throughout your design. Palette 4.0 allows you to experiment with a variety of colours and textures so that you can choose the colour scheme or the range of colours that are right for your design.


Palette 4.0 effectively allows you to begin the second brainstorm so that you can choose the most relevant and compelling colours for your project. The only issue with Palette 4.0 is that you cannot use the application to draw or design anything.


#4 – The Design: iDesign

iDesign is the application that we recommend for the fourth step in the digital design process. The fourth step involves the development and eventual creation of your digital design – which iDesign is perfect for.


IDesign is an application that works across all apple devices but cannot be used through android. This means that if you have an iPhone or an iPad you will be able to use this application without hindrance. iDesign aids with the usual tasks such as sketching, shading and manipulating the design that you have created through a variety of extraordinary features. iDesign offers an offset method of drawing so that you have precise control without your view being blocked.


#5 – Finishing Touches: Design Ruler

Design Ruler is not one of the most useful applications when it comes to graphic and digital design but it does allow you to ensure that the specifications of your design are correct. Some clients and consumers can be picky when it comes to the specifications and the measurements of your design – this is where Design Ruler comes in and allows you to measure your design in a multitude of ways.


These are the five favourite digital design applications of 2013 from Print and Digital Associates but there are many other applications that have been made available to the public. A number of these applications have been released as an alternative to the applications that will only run on apple software. For more information on digital design and professional printing services you can get in touch with us here at Print and Digital Associates.