Digital Design Software for the Creative

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There are so many different applications and types of software that will allow you to edit images that you have created or create images anew; but which of these applications and software is best for a creative individual?

With so many applications to choose from and the fact that each of these applications has their advantages and disadvantages we’ve decided to provide you with a list of interesting applications that will suit creative individuals who will use the application for leisure rather than to create their own business or begin a career in digital design.



Inkscape is a piece of software that can be run on both Windows 7 and Linux; however, if you’re more technical minded it can also be run on the Mac.

Although this particular piece of software is a free programme it has many of the features of other more complicated programmes that you would usually have to pay for; these features include clones objects, various types of blending and support for different colour modes. This editor also supports many different formats which means that you can work on any number of files without issue.



Pixlr is an application that can be used on both the iOS system and the Android phones; this application is usually free and has a wide variety of features. The usually features such as removing red eye, cropping and rotating are included as well as an array of effects that can be used on the photo (this application actually has more than 600 total effects).

Many individuals have commented that the layout of this particular application is very similar to that of Photoshop; if this is true anyone that is used to using Photoshop should be able to use this application with ease.



Sumopaint is another popular programme, although this one has to be run through a web browser and requires Adobe Flash Player to run.

For a programme that is run through a web browser this is an excellent example of a programme that can be used on the go.

Not only is this software free but it also has a number of features that we don’t often see if other digital or graphic design programmes that you do not have to pay for. Although this software cannot be run from an iPad it can be used to edit documents that have been saved to your hard drive; this makes editing and reediting simple and hassle free.


Of course you can also save your work straight to your desktop or your hard drive so that you do not lose any work that you have completed.

One issue is that if you’re using a mobile device and the battery runs out you may not be able to recover your work if it was not saved.


For more information on the latest software that you can use to edit or reedit your graphics you can get in touch with us at Print and Digital Associates; we’re also willing to assist you with any printing needs that you may have.