Establishing a Brand Identity – The Importance of Graphics

graphic design

Obtaining a good reputation is difficult for any small business especially when there are very few people that recognise your brand or company name. One of the best ways in which you can improve your brand identity is through the appropriate use of graphics and other visual aids such as logos, advertisements and layouts that are planned effectively.


Graphics – Why they’re Important

The graphics used within your website, your logo or advertisements are essential as depending upon the image that you use, you could peak the readers curiosity which will then give the reader an incentive to continue reading.

Images are also much easier to remember than sights and sound, due to this the reader will be capable of remembering much more about your brand due to the associations that they will make through the graphics. The visual memory that each human possesses also has a larger capacity than that of the episodic or echoic memory; allowing for more a better recall of visual information.

Graphics can also improve the appearance of your website or various marketing materials which makes them more appealing and increases the chance that those who see them will pause to read or inspect them.

How to Utilise Graphics

There are a variety of different places in which you can incorporate the use of graphics, some of these include your company’s website or blog, and marketing materials that you may distribute to your clients. Any item that you use to represent your company should include relevant graphics or your company logo; this includes business cards, leaflets and posters.

Images that you use should draw the reader’s attention whilst remaining relevant and supporting the text or information that it is paired with. Avoid images that may detract from the value or significance of the information that is provided; if you are concerned that the graphics are not suitable you should not risk using them as a simple mistake could spoil the reputation that you are trying to build for your business.

If you are using advertisements in your quest to develop your brand identity you should use one large picture to reiterate the point of the text; aim to use a simple picture that’s meaning cannot be misunderstood.


Other graphics such as your company logo should be concise and appropriate, if this isn’t so then the logo you have chosen may not represent your company all that well; an example of this is if you’re running a plumbing service but your company logo is simply of a house. Although it’s true that many plumbers attend house calls, the logo is not appropriate as it could also represent an estate agent or construction service.

A better logo would be a tap, broken pipe or a pipe wrench; it’s also crucial that the logo is designed in a specific colour scheme that is associated with your industry – in this case blue, grey or a simple black and white.

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