Tips on Creating a Magazine

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Magazines and newspapers are some of the best methods of spreading and sharing information; although they are not always the best way of sharing news. Due to the fact that there are so many different newspapers and magazines available already you have to ensure that your magazine stands out above all others as you create it.

To do this you must take into account the many different aspects of magazine creation, from the creation of the front page to the small print in the back.


Creating Content

Before you think about how your magazine should look and which images you want to use with which article you first need to decide upon the articles or information that will be included within your magazine. You must also ensure that your magazine content is unique, interesting, informative and either amusing or filled with enough interesting facts or ideas to keep the reader interested.

It’s also important you take into account the length of the articles and the amount of detail that you place into each peace.


Utilising Images

Once you’ve decided upon the articles that you would like within your magazine and they have been written and checked you need to decide upon the images that you would like to place with each article and which images will take priority.

The importance behind each image is not only how relevant it is to the article or how interesting the photo in itself is; it’s about how the image works with the article and whether it has the desired effect upon the reader.


The Front Page

More often than not it will be the front page that your audience will view first and so your front page is the most important part of your magazine. The average person will glance at a magazine for approximately 8 seconds before deciding whether or not they wish to read further. This means that you have approximately 8 seconds to interest your desired audience and convince them that your magazine is special; or at least better than any others that they may be able to choose at that time.


When creating your front page you must keep in mind the latest news, events, your biggest articles and the best images that you have available to you. When you have taken each of these aspects into account you need to utilise them; this process may take a little longer than the others as you will have to create several drafts before coming to a decision on how you wish your magazine to look.


There are many other parts of your magazine that you will need to take into deep consideration before publishing; this can include relatively small things such as the tone of your magazine, the type of language used, your chosen fonts or even the colour scheme.

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