Memjet Set to Launch Aspen

MemejetOne of the largest global organisations within the digital colour printing industry has announced that they are to launch a new inkjet print engine names Aspen.

The aspen is believed to be greatly enhanced and optimised so that it is ready for on-demand high-quality colour printing of labels and also commercial presses.

With the coming of this announcement many of us are curious as to what the Aspen is believed to be capable of and whether these mere rumours or facts.


Aspen’s Speed

It’s believed that when the Aspen is unveiled it will be to print at speeds of 225 feet per minute without leeway on its full dot control and the flexible configurations for the retro-fitting printers and digital capabilities.


When questioned Memjet explained that they believe that customers not only value the speed with which this print engine can print high-quality items but with also the amount of control that they have over the print and how it is created, including the amount of detail such as shading, width of lines etc.


Aspen’s Control

There are many more ways in which the Aspen will allow print shops to ensure the quality of their pieces and the accuracy of the data pipeline due to the full dot control. With full dot control the individual will be able to decide upon the direct dot placement so they are in charge of shading, the exact shape, gradation, the values of lines and the exact colours that are included.

Not only will this control allow the print shops to ensure the quality of their work but it will also allow for improvements within half-toning that allows for smoother tones that enhance the quality of photographs.


Aspen’s Features

Memjet have announced that their new print engine, Aspen, will have more than 70, 400 nozzles that will administer millions of minuscule ink droplets to the page per second; it’s already been proved that the page-wide print head has 1,600 dpi native print resolution in full process colour.

On a separate note Memjet have ensured that their new print engine is not difficult to integrate with existing or legacy hardware; they’ve made it simple so that more print shops will be able to do so.


It’s difficult to fault Memjet as they have thought of almost everything that you could need within an advanced print engine; the Aspen can even come in 3 three different configurations to aid integration with standalone printers, OEM-designed systems and multi-station production lines.


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