10 Items that can be 3D Printed – Part One

3d printing

As the weeks progress, so does technology and this leads to more and more questions being asked; one of these questions we have been hearing repeatedly, and so we have decided to bring an answer to our audience. “3D printing and – What can it make?”

The answer is that we are not yet certain of the potential of 3D printing and the majority of the stories regarding 3D printing relate to ammunition and firearms that have been created; there are also a multitude of stories that focus on how these firearms will begin to affect our community and how we can stop the influx – but what about the rest of the items that can be made?


Here are 10 interesting items from Print and Digital Associates that can be and are being made using a 3D printer.


 1.     Low-Cost Prosthetic Limbs

We believe that some of the best things that has been created using 3D printing so far include prosthetic limbs for children and young people. Some of these children have lost limbs due to circumstances that were not fault of their own, such as becoming involved in a bomb blast.


2.     Selfies

One company in particular must have believed that posting hundreds of photographs of ourselves on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter wasn’t enough – now we’re able to send off our selfies to a number of companies that will basically take the picture and produce a figurine that is based on the photo that you send to them. This opens up possibilities such as placing yourself on your own wedding cake.


3.      Hubble Space Telescope Images

For years we’ve been printing some of the most beautiful images known to man due to what we have seen through the Hubble Space Telescope – but there’s one problem with this. The blind cannot see these images and so they do not know the beauty of the universe; this is where 3D printing can help. The images are being printed in 3D so that those who are blind or have poor sight can feel the images rather than look upon them.


4.      Jewellery

With valentines on its way there are bound to be more and more companies popping up across the globe advertising their services where you can design your own jewellery and they’ll 3D print the design for you at a low cost. Although, it’s unlikely that you would be able to customise the gem stones within rings or pendants due to their nature.


5.      Food

Believe it or not, we can even use 3D printer to create foods – although this is difficult due to the risks of contamination and the thorough cleaning process that the 3D printer would have to undergo. On the other hand, we could create some incredibly interesting designs through the 3D printer.


There are a variety of other objects and items that can be created using a 3D printer; although not each and every one of them are as interesting or unique as the above. For more information on printing or print management you can get in touch with us at Print and Digital Associates, we’d be happy to help.