Using Promotional Material Appropriately

Promotional material is a great way to advertise your company in a subtle and cost effective way. Promotional materials can range from T-shirts and pens with your company logo or brand name on them to leaflets, posters and commercials. With so many different materials at your disposal it can be difficult deciding which method is right for you and for your company. Here are some tips on choosing a method of advertisement that is suitable for you.


The industry that you’re working often plays a large role in the materials that are convenient and applicable to your company. For instance if your industry is centred around accounting, clothing with your brand name or company logo on would not be considered as a relevant form of advertising as it isn’t related to the industry that you’re working in. Pens, TV commercials and newspaper listing are an efficient and more formal method of obtaining a reputation for your company.


However, advertising through clothing and posters is more effective for those who are working in an industry centred around something such as retail, due to the nature of the company. This is one of the ways in which you can ensure that you are using promotional material appropriately.


Once you’ve spent a little time thinking about the industry that you’re working in and what your company represents, it’s time to think about what it is exactly that you want to achieve through the use of promotional materials. Do you want to achieve brand awareness? Or is it something as simple as thanking your clients for choosing you? Keeping your current customers interested can be just as important as obtaining new ones.



The product that you are giving away should depend upon the person that you are giving it to and their reason for visiting you. If the individual is visiting you as a potential business partner, they aren’t going to want a free sticker, they’re more likely to be interested in something productive or useful such as a pen or branded note pad.



As obvious as it sounds, colour is something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Colour can be a very useful tool in making your company memorable and creating beneficial associations, whether the associations are with a reputable company or a notion such as recycling is up to you. Avoid colours that have negative connotations, such as browns and navy blue. Uplifting colours such as light greens, blues and oranges are better for a company logo, they also draw positive attention.


If you are still struggling with selecting a suitable method of advertising or deciding which promotional materials to use it may be worth hiring the aid of a specialist or a professional, as they will be able to aid and advise you. For more information or advice on digital media and expert printing get in touch with us at Print and Digital Associates.