The Influence of Visual Stimuli

visual stimuli

Each and every day we view between 3,000 and 20,000 images that are promoting a company; so how do you plan on making your image stand apart from the thousands of others? To make your image stand out above all others you first need to understand the importance of visual stimuli and how they can influence us as a society and as individuals.


When you See It

What we see and how we perceive what we see can have a significant effect on our actions, the way that we think, how we feel and who we are as a person. It’s through our experiences and subconscious experimentation that we increase our knowledge and understanding of what we see and how the visual world can impact on our lives.


If you’re struggling to understand how the visual world can affect you and those around you, take into account that 93% of communication is non-verbal and every single person with the ability to see is influenced by this form of communication; body language.


Observations and Reactions

Psychologically we respond completely differently to visual stimuli such as body language than we do to text. In the grand scheme of things the written language is a very recent invention. Thousands of years of evolution have wired our brains to respond quickly and effectively to visual stimuli; our brain is still in the process of learning how to respond efficiently to text, speech and the written language.


It’s because of the psychological difference in these responses that graphics are so important when you are attempting to advertise or promote a company. The graphics that you include in your marketing campaign need to be able to clearly illustrate the message or impression that you are trying to give before the client or customer has begun to read the text.


Graphics and Emotion

It’s this need to give your customers and clients a clear understanding of your company and the services or products that you provide before they read the text in your marketing material that means that you have to select your graphics and images very carefully.


It’s also due to the fact that images effect our emotions in a way that text often does not and the way that we feel at a specific point in time can affect any decisions that we make within the same period of time.


If you want potential clients and customers to choose you, or for existing clients and customers to stay with your company you need graphics that are going to make your clients feel positive. If you give the right, relevant impression you should find that people will react more warmly to you and your company, it’s also likely that you will have an increase in sales.


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