The Advancement of 3D Printing Technology

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In recent months many different companies have made significant advancements within 3D technology that could alter the world that we live in significantly. These changes vary from company to company; some have developed crude means of using 3D printing to build large structures whilst others are using them for medical purposes or as a replacement for the hologram. 3D printing can be used for many different purposes; here are some of the latest breakthroughs and information on the company that created them.


#1 Yingchuang New Materials

A Chinese firm that specialises in a variety of materials, named Yingchuang New Materials, has created some of the very first outdoor structures using 3D printing technology. Using a custom-built machine Yingchuang New Materials have produced 10 buildings over a period of 24 hours as the machine produces layers of construction wasted mixed with cement.


These layers can be placed on top of each other in order to create a wall and even a roof.

The only issue with this method of producing home sis that Yingchuang New Materials cannot yet guess how long the materials will last before being corroded by the weather or other situations.


#2 3D Phactory

There are 3D printing companies that will allow members of the public to print almost anything that they can design; this means that members of the public who have lost limbs due to accidents and such can design their own prosthetic limbs using 3D software and have the result printed for them by 3DPhactory.


This 3D design can then be used by a manufacturing company that create prosthetic limbs so that the individual can order a custom made limb that will suit them and their needs.

It’s much cheaper than hiring another individual to design the prosthetic limb for you.


#3 Zebra Imaging Inc

A company in Austin have begun to use the data that is vital to creating holograms and utilise it in order to create a boom within the 3D printing industry. Zebra Imaging Inc plan to use this technology in order to sell to the 3D hologram printing market and also sell hologram products to large companies and industries including hospitals, health care and engineering companies.


It’s believed that Zebra Imaging Inc may have discovered a market in which they can continue to profit from; they’ve also cut costs within their company by reducing the size of their company. By reducing the size of the company Zebra Imaging Inc have been able to cut operating costs by approximately 40% within the last 6 months alone; they plan to cut costs further in the future.


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