How the Modern Era has Changed Advertising

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Technology is more popular than ever and as a result it has begun to affect everything that we do or create – even down to the way that we advertise. Technology is as much a gift as it is also a curse; it has become expected of us to use technology in order to captivate the masses and reach them in ways that simple pen and paper can’t. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed the way that we advertise and how we view marketing.


#5 – More Media

With technology comes different forms of media; we can now advertise through new formats. Some of these include television adverts, ad space on blogs and websites, and physical, printed pieces like business cards and posters.

The fact that we have so many different methods of advertising that we can utilise means that we can now be influenced by brands and various companies from the comfort of our home.


#4 – Graphic Design and Enhancement

The modern age has changed the way in which we design pictures and how they are developed; originally we would begin our work on paper before transferring our ideas to a basic programme that would allow us to make minimal changes to our work.


The modern era allows us to create, adjust and amend graphics through the use of software. There are many people that believe technology will discourage traditional forms of art and advertising in favour of graphic design. Other groups claim that these programmes remove the limit that has been placed on creativity, as an artist is only as skilled as his tools allow him to be.


#3 – Efficiency

More money is spent on advertising than ever before – but the latest methods are also much more efficient than those that were practised previously. Advertising through motion pictures and audio files allows us to make a particular product or brand appeal to an audience much quicker as these forms of advertising hold their attention for longer than a poster or hand-made banner.


#2 – Technology Means More

Due to the fact that promotional materials do not have to be made by hand we can now develop larger quantities of these products in less time and the expense is relatively low when compared to paying an individual for hours of labour and very little in the way of completed promotional products.

Современный полиграфический комплекс "Экстра М" в Красногорске

#1 – Reaching Out

The digital age that we are living in allows us to reach people no matter where they are. With advertisements that can be sent through text and automated phone calls is there anywhere that’s safe from advertising?


Even if you were to turn off your phone you can still receive propaganda in the form of emails; when you think about it, it is truly amazing how technology has become a part of our lives.


To discover other ways in which technology and the modern era have changed the way in which we advertise you need only look around you; but for expert advice on promotional materials and printed advertisements you can get in touch with us here at Print and Digital Associates.